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Original Book Illustrations for 'The Bronte Story'

Original Book Illustrations for 'The Bronte Story' by HASSALL, Joan; Margaret Lane [Charlotte, Emily, Anne, Branwell Bronte] (1953)
Author: HASSALL, Joan; Margaret Lane [Charlotte, Emily, Anne, Branwell Bronte]
Title: Original Book Illustrations for 'The Bronte Story'
Year: 1953
Publisher: William Heinemann
Place: London
Dust Jacket: No
Signed: Yes
Price: £1450
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Ten original scraper-board illustrations for Margaret Lane's 1953 'Reconsideration of Mrs. Gaskell's Life of Charlotte Bronte' executed by the wood engraver and book illustrator Joan Hassall. Each of the illustrations is executed on prepared black ink and white-coloured card with annotations in pencil and black ink, five signed with monogram; various sizes. The images are reproduced in the published book (accompanying these illustrations) at two-thirds of Hassall's dimensions. Provenance: compliments card of 'John G. Murray... 5 Albemarle Street'

Chap II 'Haworth Parsonage' tailpiece (p.41) showing the children walking on the moors above Howarth
Chap III 'Cowan Bridge. reduce by 1/3' tailpiece (p.57) showing a child - perhaps Charlotte - at a high desk
Chap IV 'The Bronte Children' (p.58) fireside scene of the children with Ellen Nussey, reproduced at the beginning of Chapter 'IV: The Secret World'.
Chap V 'Miss Woolers', tail-piece (p.83) distant view of Roe Head
Chap VI 'Growing Up' (p.84) Bronte sisters and Branwell at the piano in Haworth Parsonage
Chap VII 'Ambitions & Frustrations' (p.104) head-piece shows Charlotte teaching young children
Chap XI 'Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell' (p.174) head-piece looking down Haworth Street
Chap XI Patrick Bronte's spectacles atop the triple-decker Jane Eyre - tail-piece (p.190)
Chap XII 'Taste of fame' (p.191) head-piece showing Charlotte sitting in her bedroom looking across Howarth churchyard to the church in darkness

Frequently compared to Bewick, Joan Hassall (1906-1988) shared the master's 'particular affinity for creating small head and tail-pieces' (Horne, 1994) here using the scraper-board technique that she adopted after developing arthritis. Lee describes her as 'one of the finest illustrators of her time; sensitive to text, intelligent, incisive but tender, and with an eye to the niceties of period depiction to satisfy the purist' (Lee, 1986). Margaret Lane, Countess of Huntingdon, is best known for her study of Beatrix Potter and this biography of the Brontes in which she attempted to retell Mrs Gaskell's ground-breaking biography of Charlotte Bronte.
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