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Nixon's Cheshire Prophecy at Large [Sammelband]

Nixon's Cheshire Prophecy at Large [Sammelband] by NIXON, Robert; John Collier; Tim Bobbin;  (1719)

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Author: NIXON, Robert; John Collier; Tim Bobbin;
Title: Nixon's Cheshire Prophecy at Large [with] A Short Sketch of the History of Manchester [with] Curious Remarks on the History of Manchester [with] More Fruit from the Same Pannier... Remarks on the History of Manchester
Year: 1719
Publisher: James Roberts; Sowler and Russell; The Booksellers;
Place: Manchester & London
Dust Jacket: No
Signed: No
Price: £200
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[4 Manchester pamphlets & Map] [4] pp 5-32; pp xii; pp 66; pp 74, viii. A collection of Manchester pamphlets, concluding with an early printing of Nixon's Cheshire Prophecy from 1719. The collection has been bound together in mid-Victorian brown morocco over pebbled brown cloth. The prophecy itself is printed in black letter with the apparatus in roman, including a printer's preface explaining the great success of the prophecy, and concludes with a 1715 letter from Nantwich. The publisher James Roberts succeeded to the printing business of his mother in law Abigail Baldwin who had first printed the prophecy six years earlier in 1713 and this and all early editions of the prophecy are scarce: ESTC locates 7 copies only, not in BL, CUL, Bodleian, Yale, Folger. The Cheshire prophecy is preceded by two additional leaves containing a manuscript title page and an early note by 'W.K.' regarding the garbled appearance of the prophecy in Fielding's novel, Tom Jones: 'This was probably the very book which Partridge read out of... This shows Fielding's attention to minutiae I think - such a jumbled Head as [barber-surgeon] Partridge wd be likely to mix up those part of the Tale Together'. Nixon's prophecy was transformed from a local to a national myth as it was judged to have appeared to foretell the events of 1688 and the Glorious Revolution. The sammelband begins with Pigot's 1822 map of Manchester and Salford followed by a 12 page 1794 Short Sketch of Manchester, apparently an unrecorded offprint version of a section of Scholes' Manchester and Salford Directory printed by Sowler and Russell. There is a John Collier publication, his Curious Remarks on the History of Manchester (1771) followed by More Fruit from the Same Pannier... Remarks on the History of Manchester, 1781 (ESTC locates Chethams, Rylands and Yale only), ownership signature of Michael North, both discussing Whitaker's History of Manchester. A very interesting collection.
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