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Clinical Cases in Bellevue Hospital 1865-66

Clinical Cases in Bellevue Hospital 1865-66 by ANDERSON, D Willer (1865)

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Author: ANDERSON, D Willer
Title: Clinical Cases in Bellevue Hospital 1865-66
Year: 1865
Publisher: Unpublished
Place: New York
Dust Jacket: No
Signed: Yes
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[pp] 36 & blanks. Manuscript record of 'clinical cases' at New York's Bellevue Hospital kept by a young doctor apparently specialising in obstetrics and women's health that includes a detailed account of an operation performed under ether 'to Extirpate the left mammary'. Anderson's manuscript entries are spread across this 200 page octavo manuscript book which is bound in quarter brown roan over marbled boards, marbled edges on blue lined paper. Anderson records his name and the book's title, 'Clinical Cases in Bellevue Hospital 1865-66' on the first leaf, his home address just a few blocks from Bellevue Hospital where he trained and worked noted below, 'No. 206 E 20th N.Y.' Anderson's first two cases at Bellevue brought him into contact with two of the hospitals teaching professors: 'Case 1' from November 6, 1865 was overseen by 'Prof [Willard] Parker Coll. Ph.s and Surgeon' and deals with a 'dislocation upwards on dorsum of Ilium of head of fem...' Anderson describes Parker's manipulation of the limb 'The knee used as a lever - the thigh drawn outwards with considerable force then extended. failed...' Case 2 from November 11 was overseen by 'Proff [James Rushmore] Wood Bellevue H. M. College' who deals with a dislocation of the femur 'downwards and forwards into the thyroid... Great difficulty in producing relaxation of the muscles by Ether. gave chloroform very carefully...' In one of his last entries Anderson records his assistance to 'Dr R M Pollock Surgeon, with Drs Lark and Snodgrass to Extirpate the left mammary [?] for Mrs Ross Sevary [?]. The gland was invaded in a ... Cancer. The Operation was well performed the patient under Ether Gas. Saw her next morning the bandages and Compresses well saturated with bloody discharge.... October 7 redness appearing along the edges of the wound and white points at the sutures, took them all out...' Anderson records in some detail the woman's recovery over several weeks. Anderson also worked as a visiting physician largely with women and girls, recording cases of 'Recto Vaginal Fistula' and 'Sore nipples'; there is a single page of 'Obstetric Record' (October 13. 1866) with a further 18 pages (Oct 1861-1869) of 'Obstetric Cases' later in the volume, written as a personal record-cum-diary of events from which Anderson might learn: 'Concluded the first stage of labour by 5 A.M. on the 3d. Rotation has taken place the occiput round to the left... the right parietal bone presenting most prominently showing that the head does not always maintain an equipoise position on the shoulders...' Significant details recorded in most cases, so: 'Case 4 Decr. 7 1861 Miss Hannah S aet 24. first Accouchment, walked to my office through the mud and rain in thick darkness and called me to go attend here...' Anderson also records his General Practice: 'Was called to a little mulatto girl Aet 3. She was suffering from fever Anaemia - tongue dry and coated white, skin dry, some headache, extremities cold. No pain in bowels...' and 'Hannah Sutton. Mother two weeks... sore nipple which she neglected would not let the child suckle it and now the consequence is engorgement of the lactial tubes which have caused inflammation followed which suppuration is impending. R[ecommendation] Evacuate the tubes by means of the human mouth... or glass tube...'
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