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Anti-Sinn Fein Letters to Actor John Martin Harvey

Anti-Sinn Fein Letters to Actor John Martin Harvey by BURKE, Cranley; Dr Alfred Barnes [John Martin Harvey] (1918)
Author: BURKE, Cranley; Dr Alfred Barnes [John Martin Harvey]
Title: Anti-Sinn Fein Letters to Actor, John Martin Harvey
Year: 1918
Publisher: Unpublished letters
Place: Dublin/ London
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Signed: Yes
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Three anti-Sinn Fein letters to the English actor-manager John Martin Harvey in response to publication of his article in The Irish Times. A disciple of Sir Henry Irving, Martin-Harvey was a regular performer in Dublin where he staged new productions first, performing at the Abbey Theatre and meeting Yeats on several occasions. In February he had published an article opposing Sinn Fein to which these three letters represent enthusiastic responses. In the first Cranly Burke (12 Herbert Street) writes that 'If anything could have an effect on these idiotic rebels it would be words such as yours coming from an artist whom, they so much admire.' Writing on 14 February 1918 Dr Alfred Barnes (Charlemont Street) claims to be 'so struck by that remarkable adv[er]t of yours in today's "Irish Times" that I have cut it out and sent it to the London "Express".... The Paper as you probably know is very much against Sinn Fein....' J M Lowry laments that the article 'fell on deaf ears: The Propaganda of the movement is complete separation from England the Establishment of an Irish Republic'. Within months the Irish War of Independence would begin and the cause espoused by Martin-Harvey would be lost.
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