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Masterpieces of Thirty Great Painters of Japan
Buy Masterpieces of Thirty Great Painters of Japan for £125
Author: FUJIWARA, Takayoshi; Toba-Sojo, Mitsunaga Fujiwara, Keion Sumiyoshi, Nobuzane Fujiwara, Takakane Takashina, Priest Josetsu, Sesshu, Sesson, Keishoki, Soami, Mitsunobu Tosa, Masanobu Kano, Motonobu Kano, Eitoku Kano, Yusho Kaihoku, Shokwado, Matabel Iwasa UK delivery: £6.00
Year: 1907 Europe delivery: £10.00
Publisher: Published by The Kokka Company, Tokyo Worldwide delivery: £20.00
Dust Jacket: No  
Place: Tokyo  
Signed: No  

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